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All toys are made out of 100% platinum cure silicone, which is body safe, non-porous and phtalate free.

You can clean your toy with warm water and soap. I recommend cleaning your toy after you receive it before using it.
Do not use any silicone based lubricant, this could cause the product to break down. If you are unsure about a lube you can purchase a firmness sample or squishy to test it out on.
Avoid storing the toy with items made of other materials (jelly, vinyl, etc) as to not risk any breakdown. Treat your toy with care and keep it away from sharp or rough materials. Silicone is tough and will last long if cared for properly, but it can still get slight marks from fingernails, etc.

These abbreviations denote specialty pigments and colors. UV refers to pigments that glow under ultraviolet light ("blacklight). GITD refers to colors that glow in the dark, these charge up in regular light over time (or quickly under UV light) and then glow in the dark, until they need to be recharged again. Different glow colors have different glow times and strength, with green and aqua generally glowing the strongest and longest. Chameleon/Aurora pigments give a shimmer to the toy that changes color depending on the angle of the light. Thermochromic colors change color depending on the temperature (long exposure to extreme temperatures have the potential of "locking" them in one color). Metallic colors are shimmery and shiny micas, while pearlescenct pigments add a subtle shimmer to other colors.

Near Clear is a new type of platinum cure silicone that has a greater clarity than the regular silicone used for making toys. NC comes in two firmnesses, NC45 with an 0045 firmness that's similar to Medium Firmness, and NC31 in 0031 firmness that is similar to Soft. It has slightly different working properties than the standard silicone, and as such there are a few things to keep in mind about it: While it is safe to do from a purely physical standpoint, I do not recommend boiling NC toys to sanitize them. This is due to the NC turning cloudy when boiled (it usually returns to its previous clearness after several hours), but boiling also has a chance of turning the toy firmer, which seems to be a permanent change! In addition, NC may be more susceptible to slight yellowing over time, and there is a good chance that boiling or prolonged UV exposure may accelerate that. Please keep in mind that NC is still a very new material, and that there is no data to fully confirm if and how much it might yellow over time. NC45 may also retain finger nail marks or other impressions more easily. Due to the different properties of NC it is more difficult to work with and requires more time to create toys. It also has a tendency to retain small airbubbles on the bottom of the base, or in overhangs on the toy. NC toys can still be easily cleaned with soap and hot water.

I have two cats, but they're both not allowed in the workshop area, and I do my best to ensure that any package is free of any animal hair. If you still have any concerns please feel free to contact me!

Custom and personalized orders

Generally speaking, I do, however customs slots are not open very often, and only in a very small amount. I also make a distinction between:

1. Premade Colorations:
These are various premade colorations available for toys, with some created with specific models in mind (but can be ordered on any toy, with some variations). These generally include one simple coloration and one fancy coloration per model. These are generally offered on a limited slot basis when they are open.

2. Guided Surprises:
These are basically "artist's choice" customs, with the option of sending in an inspiration image. Do not go for this choice if you have a very specific pattern/coloration in mind, since I will not take any special requests for this, and do not offer re-pours for them (physical flaws aside). You send in a picture (or not!) for a general color direction, and the artist takes it from there for a fun surprise coloration!

3. Customs:
Customs are taken on a very limited slot basis, and need to be approved first. These include specific colorations and add-on's as chosen by you. Customs only open a couple times throughout the year, since they take a lot of work and time! The way these work has also change from before; when they open there will be a limited number of general slots (independent of individual toy models) for customs available, and for a set amount of time you can send in your custom idea. Ideas will then be picked from all sent in ideas based on various factors (feasibility, model availability, complexity, etc). This obviously means that not all ideas can be accepted, but given that only one person works the entire shop it is the only way of offering customs at all.

Currently, no.

For Premade Colorations:
Simply select the model you want on the Custom Toys page and select the "Premade Coloration" option under the "Coloration" tab.

For Guided Surprises:
Simply select the model you want on the Custom Toys page and select the "Surprise" option under the "Coloration" tab. If you wish to send in an inspiration image for your surprise you can do so by uploading it to an image hosting site (such as imgur) and linking it in the notes section.

For Customs:
If your custom idea has been picked after custom submissions close, you will receive an email with instructions on how to purchase your custom order.

I aim to get your custom toy order done within 4 weeks, but a higher order volume can increase the time it takes.

I occasionally am open for a single slot for a custom made model, and will announce this on Twitter and the shop's website. Please be aware that custom sculpted models take quite a long time to complete!

Check out the About Customs page for a list of premade colorations!

Sizing, firmness and models

Yes, I'm very slowly working on more sizes! The Salamander and Eastern Dragon are currently the only models with multiple sizes, but I'm working on the other ones as well! Currently, the next planned model for a new size is: The Amphibian, Large size; The Eastern Dragon, XL size

I offer a variety of firmnesses and can also do split firmnesses for toys if requested. Here's a list of which firmness equals what shore hardness:

Soft: 00-30

Medium: 00-50

Firm: 10A

NC Soft: 00-31

NC Medium: 00-45

Please keep in mind that perceived firmness can vary based on the model, coloration and manufacturers' variations.


Please also see the full Shipping Policies

All toy orders are shipped in a white USPS or plain brown shipping box that only has information about the shipping service printed on them. The return label does not have the shop name on it, and any customs form will have items declared as "silicone sculpture".
Dakis are shipped separately in a poly mailer bag directly from the printing service unless requested otherwise.
Toys are packaged in a heat sealed clear bag and wrapped in colored tissue paper. All orders also include a packing slip, business card, a set of free squishies(subject to availability) and a free sticker (subject to availability). Orders containing toys also include a care sheet.

I'm currently located in the USA!

I do, with a few exceptions- there are some countries I don't ship to due to legal reasons. If you can't find your country during check-out feel free to contact me about it, though I can't guarantee that I can ship to you.

USPS has currently suspended service to certain international destinations due to the ongoing pandemic. You can find more information about it here. There are also a handful of countries I do not ship to due to legal reasons.

Shipping days usually are Tuesdays and Fridays.