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The Salamander

You would have expected the thief rifling through your art collection to be a bit more- well, clothed. The slick-skinned salamander with their hand on the frame of one of your priceless paintings was completely nude, light from the square doorway illuminating the bright spots on their body. The thief had frozen as soon as the door opened, and now the only parts of them moving are slitted eyes darting about for an escape and the tip of their tail twitching nervously.

They seem to relax after a moment or two, looking at you with an almost come-hither expression.

“Now… I’m sure we can come to some kind of agreement. You get… whatever you like, and I was never here.”

Do you take the Salamander up on their offer? Be careful, though: they might steal more than just your heart!

The Salamander starts with a thick, ribbed head that turns into a smooth shaft, interrupted by a nubby medial ring and surrounded by multiple small spikes near the base.


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