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The Rana

You weren't intending to meet anyone when you left the ship to go exploring; this planet wasn't thought to have any sentient lifeforms on it. You wanted a look at the alien flora and fauna in the forest of mushroomlike trees and kelpy, grasping plants, and all you took was a small hand blaster for protection.

The creature that stepped out from behind a tree surprised you, and you leveled your weapon at them. They seemed surprised, but unworried, eyes soft and smile kind as they babbled out a croaky language that you didn't understand. They seemed- froglike, or lizardlike, or- something familiar that you couldn't quite place, but they didn't seem to be dangerous.

They continued speaking, accompanied by hand gestures, but you still couldn't understand what they were-

Your gaze fell onto the thick, bulbous cock protruding from a slit between their legs.

Well. That was certainly something you understood.

The Rana features a thick, bulbous head and a stout shaft with plenty texture!


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