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The Hydra

The shadow beneath your boat comes to life in the light of the full moon, and you see it, finally, a sight no one has seen and lived to tell the tale. The Hydra, circling your boat in lazy loops, barrel-rolling slowly to show off every inch of its massive form.

To say you were drawn immediately to its two heads with four gleaming eyes each would be a lie. As would saying you were drawn to its gleaming scales or flashing fins or the camouflage stripes of dark and light on its body.

No, it was the massive, bifurcated cock pressed against its scales that drew your attention. You couldn't help but watch as it flashed into view every time the Hydra beneath you rolled over in the water.

And you couldn't help but wonder what this display meant. Was it intimidation? A warning?

Or better yet, an invitation?

The Hydra starts with two long, separated tips, merging together and growing seriously thick towards the base, complete with two rows of nubs along the underside of it and four small fins along the edge of the base.


Size chart