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The Ferrosnake

You ventured into the depths of the molten cave with a single intention: to find the Ferrosnake, long thought to be extinct but recently sighted near the magma pools of this very mountain. Unlike many, you only wish to see the beast, not hunt them, so you’re unarmed as you venture forth.

It’s sweltering hot as you make your way down the winding paths, between pools and fountains of burning, molten rock, and you’re almost knocked to the ground in surprise when you round a corner and find the huge creature lazing about in a pool of lava.

“Your ssscent is intoxsssicating,” they hiss, the sound reverberating around the cave walls. You’re captivated by the way the light glints off their metal scales, the way you can see them growing hot and bright where their coils meet molten rock.

They move aside to reveal a thick, studded cock rising from between their scales, and they seem almost smug as they tilt their head to one side, tongue flicking out to capture more of your scent.

The Ferrosnake starts with a nubby head turning into a ridged shaft with eight nubs along the underside and a subtle scale texture near the base.


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