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Qimera Forge – Qimera Forge

The Eastern Dragon

The dragon before you seems utterly at ease, gold eyes heavy-lidded and body relaxed and open, inviting. What little moonlight makes it through the mists seems to illuminate crimson scales with a warm glow, flowing across the beast's sinuous body and sumptuous mane like a river of silk.

"I was wondering when you'd arrive."

Their voice is low, resonating, a deep rumble that sinks into your very being and spreads from your core to the tips of your fingers and toes, leaving a lingering sort of yearning in its wake.

The dragon shifts its hips, moving a leg aside to display a vibrant cock that draws your attention immediately. The look of the split tips, three rows of soft barbs on the underside, and the swell of a knot at the base makes you lick your lips before you even quite realize it.

The Eastern Dragon starts with split tips turning into a sleek shaft that widens out to a thicker knot towards the base. Three rows of rounded barbs run down the underside, adding texture to the otherwise smooth shaft.


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