Qimera Forge – Qimera Forge

The Daemon

The temple is a neon cacophony of light and sound, a strangely modern backdrop for one so ancient. Chants and hymns buzz together, a throbbing thrum that wraps around you like a cocoon of resonant harmony.

Neither god nor demon, the being before you rises bright and eager, full breasts and thick, knotted cock on display for worship. Great curving horns rise from their head and a mane of neon flame trails down their back. Satin fur coats every inch of their body save pert pink nipples and their eager dick.

The drone of reverence rises to a fever pitch and the beast's gaze sweeps the crowd, finally stopping on you. A powerful, clawed hand raises to point in your direction.

You have been chosen to receive their blessing.

The Daemon features a smooth, curved shaft with subtle veins and a tapered knot down to a base with two piercings and heavy, furred balls. This is a guest design by Elo and Gamma!


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