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The Bug

You push the door open into the lavishly-decorated room almost nervously. This is the first time you've visited a place like this; you're not sure what to expect.

The green insectoid being languishing on the bed is the first thing you notice. They're settled back on all four arms until they note your presence and perk up.

"Welcome, stranger," they chirrup, little clicks and trills in their voice, some words stretched out a bit longer than you would expect. "What are you here for? A massage? A beauty treatment? Or..."

One of their hands trails down their belly, resting about a squirming, segmented tendril. You find it hard to take your eyes off the creature's length as it moves lazily across their belly.

"Would you prefer something more... carnal?"

The Bug features a continuous taper, starting with a thin tip and getting gradually bigger, with smooth segments and textured segments.


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