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The Behemoth

When you heard the news reports of a Behemoth in the city, your first instinct was not "I Am Going To Fuck That." But nonetheless you found yourself ducking around buildings and dashing through alleyways and climbing fire escapes to leap between rooftops to get in view of the massive beast, feed your curiosity.

Once you finally get a good view, your first instinct is to pull out your phone, start snapping pictures of the gigantic, scaly monster between the buildings. From the head and arching horns, to the spines and spikes and tusks, to the glowing, radioactive drool that drips between its fangs, it's every inch a paragon of monstrous strength.

And when your camera traces further downwards, snapping photos of its chest and belly and thick, knotted cock, you feel a pulse of heat in your core that tells you in no uncertain terms that your curiosity is completely intellectual.


The Behemoth features a head crowned with nubby spikes and a thick, bulbous knot that's sure to fill you up! 

Please be aware that this model does not stand up on its own in softer firmnesses! 


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