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The Amphibian

You wouldn't expect something so dangerous-looking to be so gentle, and yet...

The river beast you'd chased into the water didn't attack. Won't attack. Scales and water flow over lean muscles, flecks of bioluminescence lighting the murky water around them, and curious eyes take in your presence, flicking over your form with an intelligence you wouldn't expect from something so wild.

The creature flicks its tail and creeps closer, suspended in the current, clawed hands reaching out a bit. When you withdraw, they shrink back as well, blinking, cowed but still interested.

You watch those dangerous, clawed hands move in silence, recognizing the motions. -You... safe.-

When you relax, the river creature closes in and takes you in a startlingly gentle embrace, the feeling of lean muscle around you soothing, the safety the beast promised you flowing through you as the water flows around.

The Amphibian features an invitingly curved shaft with bumpy ridges running along the top up to a triangular head, rising from an organic base.


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